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Protected Disclosures

The Protected Disclosures Act 2014, commenced on 15 July 2014. This important piece of legislation set a new standard of international best practice for whistleblowing in Ireland. 


Public sector bodies have a mandatory obligation to whistleblowing policies and procedures in place. The European Union directive (2019/1937) will be fully implemented in Ireland by early 2022. The changes to the legislation because of the directive will obligate private sector organisations, above a certain size, to have policies and procedures in place to support the effective raising of concerns under this legislation. 


Resolve Ireland provides a comprehensive service to employers to assist them in meeting their obligations under this legislation. These services can be obtained individually or as a package:

  • Drafting a Protected Disclosures Policy

  • Providing an external point of contact for employees seeking independent advice

  • ‘Independent designated recipients to receive disclosures from employees

  • Manage multiple disclosures options (Helpline, Postal, E-mail, Web)

  • Independent investigation of disclosures.

  • Independent investigation of allegations of penalisation or adverse treatment

  • Training for internal designated disclosure recipients

  • Annual Report to Senior Leadership Team/Board

Click the link below to view our Protected Disclosures website:

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