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Learning and Development Programmes

At Resolve Ireland our belief is that many issues in the workplace can be effectively prevented or resolved if the organisation has developed the right skills and tools to manage issues themselves.


Course Facilitators - Learning and Development Solutions

  • Our course facilitators are all seasoned practitioners, each with in excess of 20 years’ experience in dealing with dispute resolutions issues as internal and external consultants.

  • As active practitioners in this area we bring our wide range of experience to our training courses, offering practical and comprehensive learnings to the participants.

  • Our courses and workshops bring our experiences to organisations on a customised basis.

  • We tailor all our courses to the specific needs of each organisation.

  • Course content is aligned to the existing organisation’s policies and procedures.

  • Our programmes are delivered in person and can also be delivered online.


Sample of programmes available:

Dignity and Respect in The Workplace

Managing Disciplinary Issues in the Workplace

Managing Grievances in the Workplace

Protected Disclosures and Whistleblowing


Dignity & Respect at Work: Employee Briefings 

  • Basic principles of dignity in the workplace

  • Focus on the definitions for Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment

  • Discussions regarding acceptable and not acceptable behaviours in the workplace

  • Looking at the impact of remote communication, by email, video conferencing and messages.

  • Good housekeeping rules for effective remote working interactions  

  • Dealing with issues, miscommunications, stress indicators

  • Knowing when to escalate or offer support and follow up.

  • Use the organization’s Dignity at Work policies as a basis for training 

  • Dealing with issues under this policy – informally and formally

  • What to expect from an informal approach, e.g. mediation 

  • What to expect from a formal investigation taken under this policy.


Programme Facilitators:  

Our programmes are delivered by Miriam Maher, Managing Director, and Yvonne O’Sullivan, Associate with Resolve Ireland. 


Our extensive third-party practitioner and HR experience informs our training. We use our experiences, along with examples from relevant case law, codes of practice and interactive group discussions to ensure the programmes are relevant, informative and of lasting value for the participants.


For more detailed information and a quote please email Miriam Maher: 

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