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Independent Investigations

What are they and when are they invoked?

  • A formal independent process, set up in response to a complaint or a concern identified.

  • Usually conducted in line with the organisation’s relevant policy.

  • Allows all aspects of a complaint or concern to be considered. 

  • They are conducted independently of any disciplinary hearing process

  • Conclusions reached are noted in a report at the conclusion of the investigation, with recommendations included if appropriate

  • Workplace Investigations are set up in response to complaints or concerns arising from a dispute between colleagues or between employees and their employers. 

  • Investigations are often conducted into complaints of alleged bullying and/or harassment, disciplinary issues and other concerns identified. 

  • Also, can be used in the form of a management investigation where an issue exists which is affecting the wellbeing and performance of a team


Benefits of using our Independent Investigation services

  • Ensures that the facts are established in an objective and impartial process

  • Transparency and openness throughout the whole process

  • Clear separation of facts and recommendations from judgements

  • Team of credible, competent & highly experienced practitioners 

  • Extensive experience in conducting independent investigations with private and public sector organisations.

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