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Independent Mediation


What it is and how it is conducted?

  • Resolution of issues using a competent third party as a neutral mediator

  • Informal process and dynamic in nature

  • Entirely private and confidential

  • Participation in a mediation is voluntary, increasing likelihood of success

  • Uses variety of techniques to facilitate the parties involved reaching an agreement


Benefits of Mediation

  • Typically, of a short duration which facilitates early resolution of the issues 

  • Solutions can be creative and flexible and tailored to the parties involved

  • The parties ‘own’ the solution which aids in meaningful long-term changes

  • Confidentiality of the process encourages parties to engage with each other in reaching realistic and workable solutions

  • Increases the opportunity for those involved to re-build effective working relationships

  • Avoids resorting to lengthy and often stressful formal processes

Benefits of using our Independent Mediation Services

  • We provide trained and accredited mediators to work with challenging situations

  • We act as a facilitator and guide the parties through the process

  • Provision of a structured engagement: initial contact calls, 1:1 sessions and joint sessions, in line with the parties’ needs. 

  • In our neutral role, we help the parties to think creatively for possible solutions

  • Resolve Ireland specialises in mediation at a senior or executive level. 

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