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Learning and Development Programmes

At Resolve Ireland our belief is that many issues in the workplace can be effectively prevented or resolved if the organisation has developed the right skills and tools to manage issues themselves.


Course Facilitators - Learning and Development Solutions

  • Our course facilitators are all seasoned practitioners, each with in excess of 20 years’ experience in dealing with dispute resolutions issues as internal and external consultants.

  • As active practitioners in this area we bring our wide range of experience to our training courses, offering practical and comprehensive learnings to the participants.

  • Our courses and workshops bring our experiences to organisations on a customised basis.

  • We tailor all our courses to the specific needs of each organisation.

  • Course content is aligned to the existing organisation’s policies and procedures.


Sample of programmes available

How to conduct workplace investigations: 

  • Employment Policies and procedures - why have them, purpose, different types of investigations; 

  • Opportunities for early resolutions - how to explore this option with the employee;

  • Investigation set up – essential elements in the set-up of a formal investigation;

  • Terms of reference for formal investigations - how to structure them, key criteria to include;

  • Interview techniques - role of questioning; 

  • Report writing - ways to approach it, pitfalls to avoid;


Protected Disclosures: 

  • Full guidance to the Whistleblowing/Protected Disclosures Act – July 2014;

  • Understanding what constitutes and does not constitute a protected disclosure;

  • Provision of template policy and procedures;

  • Extensive information regarding current market practices and case law to date;

  • Develop an in depth understanding of the role of the Confidential Recipient/Designated Contact Person;

  • How to dealing with disclosures raised and any claims regarding penalisation; 

  • Understanding the role of organizational culture in supporting a Protected Disclosures Policy.

Dignity & Respect at Work: 

  • Basic principles of dignity in the workplace

  • Focus on the definitions for Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment

  • Discussions regarding acceptable and not acceptable behaviours in the workplace

  • Looking at the impact of remote communication, by email, video conferencing and messages.

  • Good housekeeping rules for effective remote working interactions  

  • Dealing with issues, miscommunications, stress indicators

  • Knowing when to escalate or offer support and follow up.

  • Use the organization’s Dignity at Work policies as a basis for training 

  • Dealing with issues under this policy – informally and formally – the role of line management in enabling others to raise issues relating to this area.

  • What to expect from an informal approach, e.g. mediation 

  • What to expect from a formal investigation taken under this policy.


Workshop Structures

  • Our Workshops can be delivered online or in-person and make extensive use of case studies, group discussions and presentations. 


Workshop Facilitators:  

Our facilitators are drawn from our panel and are led by Miriam Maher, Director of Operations. 

For more detailed information and a quote please contact her by email: or by phone: 086 7938376

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